Parvati tours the world speaking about courage, character, leadership, resiliency and how her challenges fuel her growth. She routinely addresses grade school, college, corporate and professional audiences.

Parvati's dynamic and uplifting motivational speaking style reflects her unique ability to ride and reflect upon the high’s and low’s of her extraordinary life journey— from winning Survivor, to founding businesses, to becoming a yoga and meditation instructor, author and executive coach.

Now, as a corporate and personal coach, Parvati creates full and half-day workshops on topics ranging from wellness and self-care, mindfulness, leadership, character, and building better relationships.

Her talks blend humor, honesty and vulnerability to engage people of all ages and from diverse backgrounds.

If you are looking for a recognizable face to deliver a deeply-felt, personalized and uplifting lesson on Courage, Leadership, Character Development, Personal Growth, Overcoming Challenges, Healthy Living, Communication and Relationships, Parvati is the ideal choice.