My Story

Hi! I'm Parvati.

I grew up in an ashram near Vero Beach, Florida. That means, we lived commune style on a ranch with lots of other families, practiced yoga and meditation, and ate vegetarian food. I guess you could say that my love for the tradition of yoga and my connection to nature, adventure and community runs deep.

Following a calling to explore the world and break into the entertainment business, I packed up my gold Toyota Camry and made the three-day pilgrimage across country to sunny LA.

As fate would have it, I soon found myself competing as an amateur boxer and getting cast on the ultimate adventure competition reality show SURVIVOR. This is where things get really wild. Survivor was the perfect match to my competitive instinct, thirst for adventure and love of people.

When I was invited to return, I played to win, and I did. Securing my spot as one of the elite few SURVIVOR winners in the world.

The time I spent competing on the show gave me a strong foundation in braving the unknown and building supportive relationships in a tough, competitive environment. Throughout this time, I also continued to deepen into the study and practice of yoga and meditation. I pursued advanced certifications, opened a wellness center on upscale Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, California and taught a regular stream of clients. My clients loved when I combined kundalini yoga (a practice that strengthens our nervous system’s capacity to cope with stress) and energy healing.

Now, in my work as a Life Coach, Speaker and Author, I help other people build solid foundations of self-reliance so that they become the authority in their lives. I support them to take courageous action to live a life of freedom, love, and joy — and really go after the things they want in life.

I’ve helped people to launch new careers, leave unhealthy relationships, write books, make more money, recover from health problems and build lasting legacies — to name a few.

It’s my greatest joy and ultimate fulfillment to guide people on the grand adventure of discovering the infinite power of their own souls.