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Parvati Shallow is an internationally recognized yoga teacher, executive coach, and speaker. She holds advanced certifications in both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and is a four-time competitor and winner of CBS’s hit series SURVIVOR.


Will help you create or reinforce your foundation with physical health & wellness while helping you build confidence to live your mission and lead a healthy, happy and supportive life.


Parvati tours the world speaking about courage, character, leadership, resiliency and how her challenges fuel her growth. She routinely addresses grade school, college, corporate and professional audiences.

What Clients Say..

“Working with Parvati has helped me build a foundation of trust, confidence, and self-acceptance that makes me feel empowered in my decisions, worthy of my successes, and grateful for the opportunities to change and to grow."

"It's not so much that Parvati fixes your life for you, it's that she empowers you to make the changes yourself. She gives you the tools to disrupt and demolish the self-defeating habits and delusions that keep you from pursuing what you want and life, challenging the assumptions you've made about yourself in order to create a new self-image. She sees the person you can be and compels you to see it too.”

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